Tongariro Circuit and the Milford Track, New Zealand

In February/March of 2014 we did two of New Zealand’s Great Walks – The Tongariro Circuit on the North Island and the Milford Track in Fiordland National Park on the South Island. This page outlines posts related to those hikes.

Tongariro Circuit Trek
The start of a 3 day/ 2 night trek through the desolate landscape punched with bright emerald lakes, volcanic cones and formations.
Tongariro Circuit Trek, Day 2 – Oturere to Waihohonu Hut
Tongariro Circuit Trek, Day 3  – Waihohonu Hut to Whakapapa Village
Chateau Tongariro Hotel
A great place to chill before or after your trek.

Milford Track
Start of the Milford Track
The start of a 4 day/3 night trek along one of New Zealand’s most popular great walks.
Milford Track – Afternoon Visit to Mackinnon Pass
Mackinnon Pass, the high point of the Mildford Track, is not to be missed.
Milford Track – Mackinnon Pass Take II
Mackinnon Pass completely fogged in the following morning.
Milford Track – The Hike Out
The trek ends with a picturesque walk to Sand Fly Point followed by a boat trip back to Milford Sound.