What started as a blog about food and language learning, hence the name Cooking in Tongues, has evolved as my focus and interests have changed. My current goal is to document our travels and provide useful information for those planning their own adventures. As such, the pages listed on the blog header offer a detailed index of posts related to a particular destination. Food and language learning, however, continue to color the blog as we travel and discover new passions.

In 2012-2013 our home base shifted from Washington DC to the south of France where, aside from the expected partaking of food, wine, language and culture, we discovered France’s extensive network of hiking trails, many of which you will find documented on this site.

Who am I? My first career was as a CPA, one in which I quickly lost interest. I next flirted with culinary school and landscape design before earning a masters in teaching English as a second language.  Although I taught English in both in the US and China, my real love remains language learning. Since my first immersion experience in France at the age of 32 I’ve been to more than 20 language schools in 10 different countries studying 5 different languages. I started the blog in 2010 to add a focus to my interests and travels.

Questions, comments and suggestions are always welcome.

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  1. Hi, Renee here from unpackedwriter.com. I tripped over your post in my inbox while searching through my own info on Kathmandu and Nepal. I’m trying to get my father there this Fall. And we’d like to go to Pokhara. I have questions I’d love to ask about the bus trip post, etc. where to go, where to stay– as my dad is 73 – still a world traveler, but has some mobility issues. We are interested in Taking that bus trip you mentioned from Oct 2012. Also, I’m getting quotes on flying into Lhasa, touring Lhasa and taking a jeep overland to base camp and back. But I think the real gem of the tour will be some down time in Pokhara. Your travel methods and tastes are fairly in line with mine, so I value your input. Hope to hear from you soon. – Renee (Ps- sorry I can’t recall or find your name on your blog.. darn).

  2. Tanja says:

    Hi there! Phenomenal blog. I’m trying to source the person who shot this great image that appears on your blog https://cookingintongues.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/img_9093.jpg?w=640&h=426
    Was it you? If so, can you contact me?

    • baidanbi says:

      Hi Tanja, yes this is my photo. Thank you for your interest. Generally if you want to use the image for non-commercial purposes you can just credit it to cookingintongues.com.

  3. Tanja says:

    Thanks! Glad I found you. I’m working on an image for a community theatre play here in Toronto focused on India and I am making a double-exposed image of the lead character/playwright and a colourful scene of India. She loved your photo… so if it works, we might like to use it. We can fully credit you and send you a copy of a postcard if that’s cool with you!

  4. Daniel says:

    Hi, I am interested in taking a year off of work to learn French in France, and came across your blog, which has a ton of incredibly helpful information. Thanks for that. It seems like you’ve done what I intend to do. I was hoping to drop you a line for some specific questions on language programs and locations. Please let me know if you would be fine with me sending you an email.

  5. Hi, I kindly ask to use the following image for commercial use:

    Can you please let me know if that is possible and the conditions? Thank you!

    Best regards

    • baidanbi says:

      Hi Adreas, Yes I’m happy to let you use my photo. Please credit it to Cooking in Tongues.com. Could you tell me what it is going to be used for?
      Debbie Bender

  6. Andreas says:

    Hi, thank you, that would be very nice! Could you please contact me by e-mail because I don’t want to post the purpose here, thank you!

    Best regards

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